Our Story

Sip Slip was founded in the spring of 2022 by Saylor and Brad Jackson. Saylor has a keen sense of fashion and has always loved starting small businesses. While she played travel soccer over the years, she began to realize that there was something missing from the tumblers. They all looked the same! It was at this time that Saylor explained the idea of developing custom removable covers that would personalize stainless steel tumblers. Saylor went on to talk about how fun it would be to change the look of your tumbler with vibrant patterns. She wanted to pick themes that would be colorful and unique to each individual’s style. In a short period of time, she picked out great patterns and Brad worked on the technical aspect of the product. It was then that Sip Slip was born.

Stainless Steel tumblers need a little more excitement than the market currently has to offer. Our assortment of exciting patterns that we have created to fit your tumbler will brighten your day and keep your tumblers from slipping away. Not only are the covers cheerful but they will also protect your tumblers from the dents and everyday wear and tear.

While providing the perfect fit, our Sip Slip removable covers are easy to slip on and off depending on your mood that day! They provide next level comfort in gripping your beverage with even greater insulation.