The One Yeti Accessory to Rule Them All

We've all had the experience of dropping an expensive stainless steel tumbler – either denting it, scuffing it, or spilling our coffee. In addition, the typical Yeti or RTIC colors can be plain-Jane boring. That's why we came up with the Sip Slip, the only Yeti-style tumbler accessory that adds style AND protection to your tumbler. Imagine this: you'll never confuse your tumbler with someone else's again. And, you'll be able to hang onto it along with the mail, your bags, and a set of keys, without watching it slip out of your fingers and bounce down the steps.

Sip Slip comes in two convenient sizes, 20 oz. and 30 oz., to work with your tumbler from Yeti, Ozark Trail, RTIC, and Magellan. Choose your favorite Sip Slip styles today to showcase your personality and keep a secure grip on your stainless steel tumbler.